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This will be a 'flea market' for original photos, cards and so forth. Please click on the links down the left-hand side to buy the books direct from the publishers.

We have a very limited stock of Fighting the Kaiser's War for sale in person or by mail order, signed if desired by Andrew Lucas (at our English HQ) or Jürgen Schmieschek (at our Saxon HQ). Cost including postage is inevitably a bit higher than if you order directly from Pen & Sword, however please contact us if interested.

The Saxons at Zonnebeke is available for £3 / 4 EUR plus postage, while stocks last. If buying together with the book you will save a bit on combined postage. Again, please contact us if interested.

The Saxons at Zonnebeke
"About 9 o’clock the fog lifted, and an astonishing sight met our eyes: there below lay Zonnebeke, the shot-up windmill on the hill in front of it was ‘de kleine Molen’. And there in the distance, two spectral and leaden towers - that was Ypres, which we now saw for the first time! Ypres, the object of so much fighting, around which the ring of steel was now tightening..." [Dr. Herkenrath, Das württembergische Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr.247 im Weltkrieg 1914-1918 p.39]

This 24-page supplement to Fighting the Kaiser's War in small magazine (glossy) format was printed in a hand-numbered edition of 500 copies for our launch at the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 in Zonnebeke on 25th-26th April 2015. The research for this supplement also formed my starting point for the undelivered lectures, which represent my most recent writing on the subject.

Our inspiration for The Saxons at Zonnebeke was a set of three group photos from 11. Kompagnie / Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr.242, taken in rest quarters at Moorslede during the month before the offensive. A large number of the men are named on the photos, and many marked with an ominous 'x'. Jürgen was able to identify many of them, including six killed in the diversionary attack north of Broodseinde (so within a mile or so of Zonnebeke) on 25th April 1915. These photographs are included in a four page section at the end of the booklet, in which we endeavour to put some names and faces to the human cost of the events of a century ago.

The Saxons at Zonnebeke elaborates extensively on the role played by the Saxon / Württemberg XXVII. Reservekorps in the zweiter Flandernschlacht (Second Battle of Ypres), drawing on a fresh examination of available sources from all of its major combat units. The supplement includes two maps and (naturally) numerous photographs taken by the officers and men of the corps on this front, many of them in the immediate aftermath of the battle. Please be forewarned that these include graphic images of death on an industrial scale.

Copies are available from Andrew Lucas while stocks last for £3 plus £1 postage within the UK (it is classed as a 'large letter up to 100g' by Royal Mail). At our Saxon HQ, Jürgen Schmieschek also has some copies for sale for 4 EUR plus postage (amount tbc). Please contact us to order a copy.