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We are pleased to announce that Andrew Lucas (but sadly not Jürgen Schmieschek or Michael Lucas) will once again be appearing with the 1914-21 Society at the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 in Zonnebeke on the weekend of 23rd-24th April 2016 for this year's living history event. Naturally signed copies of Fighting the Kaiser's War and The Saxons at Zonnebeke will be available upon request!

Hello all, and my apologies for the prolonged absence. Autumn and winter have been hectic for both of us, on top of which I had to get the DNS for our domain name moved and reconfigured - hence the site may have appeared to be down in recent weeks. However it is now back up again, and this time completely free of unwanted advertising - hurra!

NB (important!): Currently the email domain is not working properly - I hope to have our email addresses functioning again this week.

100 years ago the 2. Flandernschlacht was now finally over, and our friends the XXVII. Reserve-Korps were mourning their dead and consolidating their new front line (Bellewaarde - Verlorenhoek). However it should be remembered that a vastly greater and more strategically significant battle was raging in the East - the Gorlice–Tarnów Offensive was the major German operation of the year, inflicting a massive (but sadly not decisive) defeat on the Russians and leading to the liberation of most of Austrian Galicia by the end of the year.

Following an arduous and highly disruptive house move, I am pleased to report that we have resumed our activities in the UK.

We still impatiently await the first reviews of Fighting the Kaiser's War! In the mean time, I have begun to give this site a serious overhaul. As a postscript to our appearance at Zonnebeke, I have uploaded the text of the undelivered lectures I composed for the occasion but was ultimately unable to use.