The following divisions either began as or eventually became official formations of the Royal Saxon Army, and are listed here by their date of mobilisation rather than that of formation. For example 23. Infanterie-Division was first formed under that number in 1867 by reorganisation of existing Saxon units, and mobilised for WW1 together with all the other peacetime and pre-planned wartime formations in August 1914. The units of the new 53. Reserve-Division began formation that August and their division came into existence in September, but it only became mobile in October (which would prove to be far too early when it reached the battlefield - at appalling human cost).

With the exception of 8. Kavallerie-Division (which was nevertheless predominantly Saxon and possessed a Saxon divisional staff), all of the divisions listed here ultimately achieved a 'permanent' order of battle consisting entirely of Saxon units. As noted below, several were formed by expansion of existing independent brigades.


23. Infanterie-Division (August)
24. Infanterie-Division (August)
32. Infanterie-Division (August)
40. Infanterie-Division (August)
8. Kavallerie-Division (August)
23. Reserve-Division (August)
24. Reserve-Division (August)
19. Ersatz-Division (August)
53. Reserve-Division (October)


58. Infanterie-Division (March)
123. Infanterie-Division (April)


192. Infanterie-Division (June, from 192. Infanterie-Brigade; fully Saxon from October)
212. Infanterie-Division (September; fully Saxon from January 1917)
47. Landwehr-Division (June, from ad-hoc 'Division Müller' based around 47. Landwehr-Brigade)


219. Infanterie-Division (January)
241. Infanterie-Division (February)
45. Landwehr-Division (February)
46. Landwehr-Division (February, from 46. Landwehr-Brigade)
96. Infanterie-Division (May)


Since the divisional level of organisation was no longer required for its policing role in the East, 8. Kavallerie-Division was dissolved in April and its units widely dispersed.

Following disastrous losses that summer, it was recognised that Saxony could no longer maintain eighteen divisions. 53. Reserve-Division was therefore dissolved in September, and its surviving men and materiel used to help rebuild other depleted divisions.