Following an arduous and highly disruptive house move, I am pleased to report that we have resumed our activities in the UK.

Yesterday I attended the First World War weekend at Batemans with the 1914-21 Society, once again representing the Saxon I. Abt. / RFAR 54. Currently my reenactment schecule for the remainder of 2015 is as follows, logistics and finances permitting:

At all of these events I will present a small living history display on the Royal Saxon Army of the Great War, and copies of our books (signed by me if desired) will be available.

Meanwhile Jürgen has been busy promoting the book at home in Saxony. To our great delight, our work has been greeted with real enthusiasm there despite the fact that we write in English. The local experts are seemingly in agreement that it is high time to bring Saxon military history to the attention of the English-speaking world!

Speaking of which, we have now had our first full review. Colonel Joe Robinson of (co-author of The Last Great Cavalry Charge, The Great War Dawning and the Handbook of Imperial Germany) has given his highly positive verdict on the Amazon USA page for Fighting the Kaiser's War.

Check out Colonel Robinson's thoughts on what he calls "simply an outstanding book" here!