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This article elaborates on what you can expect to find in each chapter of our new book For King and Kaiser. German-speaking readers can also expect to find much the same content in the original German-language version of this book, Von Armentières nach Langemarck.

This preview is illustrated with some of the many relevant pictures which either arrived too late to be included (the illustrated military historian's perennial frustration) or else were excluded in favour of others. Our most dedicated fans (who insist on owning a copy of everything we have written) will find that there are actually some differences in the photo selection between the German and English editions, due to new discoveries in between the publication of one and the writing of the other.

In some cases, the pictures shown here are directly connected to others which DID make it into print - e.g. by belonging to the same group or album.

Therefore even those esteemed few who already own both books (thankyou, we love you all!) have some exclusive material here to enjoy.

Simply click through the chapter list at top right for a detailed (and illustrated) list of contents…

For King and Kaiser