After persistent nagging SSL problems with our hosting company (which was the reason for the spurious browser security warnings you may have encountered here), we have migrated to a new host and revamped the site!

The Addenda and Corrigenda for the hardback edition of Fighting the Kaiser's War are now fully up to date. The forthcoming paperback edition has already been updated accordingly.

In addition, I have now created separate indexes for the Saxon Landsturm infantry series, my Great-Grandfather's war and the rest of my articles for the WW1 German history group. This should greatly improve the readability of the main features index.

We are delighted to announce that as of 30th May 2022, Fighting the Kaiser's War will be getting a second edition - this time as a mass market paperback!

This will be no mere reprint, as we spent weeks during the winter closely proof-reading the text. Facts were systematically checked against our latest notes and sources, bringing the benefit of another seven years of research to bear on our debut volume. Most obviously, the pages on the Saxon Landsturm in the 'Independent Units' chapter have been radically revised in the light of the exhaustive series of articles I wrote on that subject during lockdown! Attentive readers will find dozens of other small improvements, such as the satisfying identification of previous unknown locations in some photos (thanks to our eagle-eyed French and Belgian readers) and the clarification of potential sources of confusion. There will also be a single change in the photo selection, bringing in an irresistibly choice image of one of the most obscure of the 'Independent Units'... For the benefit of owners of the original hardback edition, I will be expanding the online addenda and corrigenda as time allows to include everything which has been amended for the paperback.

The new edition is already up for pre-order on the Pen & Sword website at the special price of £11.99 (cover price will be £14.99). We will of course be getting some copies ourselves too, and I hope to be making some public appearances this year where they can be obtained in person! Watch this space...

Yes, our first book Fighting the Kaiser's War is now officially SOLD OUT from Pen & Sword in its hardback edition! However you can still buy it from them in e-book format, and other sellers (including Amazon) still have copies. I also have a modest supply at our English 'office', so did not hesitate to contact us while stocks last!

What happens next remains to be seen, but this is a definite success for us and a clear demonstration that there is a significant audience for our chosen subject matter in English. Thankyou to one and all who bought and read our books, wrote reviews (always a big help), followed our writing on social media and recommended our work to others. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our new book For King and Kaiser has been out for a little over a month now. It sits proudly on my bookshelf next to its German version and our first book, and the first (glowing) review has appeared...we eagerly await more!

Naturally we both have some copies available for sale, so you can get any of our books signed by myself or Jürgen (depending on whether you order from our English or our Saxon HQ) while stocks last! Simply contact us with your requirements and we will make sure you get your order in time for Christmas. :)

I am still writing a weekly blog post every Thursday for Colonel Joe Robinson's WW1 German history Facebook group. He has archived a few of them on his website and I will try to upload more of them here as time allows.

More articles will be added to our Features page as time permits. Please follow the WW1 German history group to see them first, and of course to read the work of an impressive array of other authors in the field!

Ahead of the publication of For King and Kaiser in hardback I am currently writing a weekly blog post every Thursday for Colonel Joe Robinson's excellent Facebook group WW1 German history. He is archiving these articles himself on his website

In addition you will be able to read all of these pieces here (suitably tidied up and revised to fit the regular website format) on our Features page. So far I have published the first four, dealing with two featured diarists from For King and Kaiser and two from Fighting the Kaiser's War. Each of these articles is based around a single diary entry and serves as an introduction to that individual's war service and writings.

More articles will be added as time permits. Please follow the WW1 German history group to see them first, and to read the work of an impressive array of other authors in the field!