It's official - our second book, Von Armentières Nach Langemarck is out now! As the title would tend to suggest this one is in German, with text primarily written by Jürgen. Copies of this copiously illustrated 256-page softback are available directly from him (or from Andrew within England). The English version will be published in 2020, in a hardback edition designed to match up smartly with Fighting the Kaiser's War on your bookshelf.

Whilst updating the website with details of the new book I've also created a page for each of our publications.

So far this year we've not been hugely active on the living history side, but together with my dear Diana (whom I will be marrying this October) I did attend the excellent living history festival at Huis Doorn in Holland. We will be at Zonnebeke this September, and will be bringing copies of the new book with us.

After an unforgivably long break, this website is once again under active development. We are busily at work on a new publication, and planning for this year's living history events! Today I uploaded the comprehensive Addenda and Corrigenda to my father Michael Lucas' book The Journey's End Battalion, in time for what we hope will be a fresh wave of interest in 9th East Surreys prompted by the upcoming cinema adaptation of R.C. Sherriff's classic play Journey's End. On this subject I also recommend the new video by Roland Wales which introduces the real people behind the play, all of whom feature heavily in my father's book. As it happens I have also recently started a Royal Saxon Army Youtube channel. this will mostly be used to document my living history activities, but I do aim to explore some other ideas as well. There is still a lot of work to do before this website is in reasonable shape and becomes the useful reference I had intended. Watch this space!