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These first two photos depict the division's voyage from Constanza (Constanța) on the Romanian Black Sea coast to Ukraine, a process which began in late April 1918 and was not complete until the end of May 1918. The regimental historians whimsically describe this adventure as an Argonautenfahrt ('Voyage of the Argonauts').

As explained in the article, some of the divisional artillery came by rail via Romanian-occupied Besserabia (under the terms of the peace agreement with that nation).

IR 182 embarks at Constanz - 20/04/1918

Above: IR 182 (minus its III. Bataillon) deployed for embarkation at Constanza aboard the General, an 8000-ton vessel of the Deutsch-Ostafrika-Linie. This photo was probably taken on 20th April 1918, as the regimental history records that their embarkation began on that day; the ship departed on the afternoon of the 22nd escorted by two Turkish torpedo boats, and reached Nikolajew / Mykolaiv on the 24th.

Visible in the background on the right is Kazak, a former merchant steamer built in Newcastle in 1890 under the name Kazan and in Russian naval service as Transport No. 35 since 10th March 1915. She was captured by the German submarine UC 23 off Sevastopol on 14th April 1918 and immediately pressed into service (see our detailed discussion of this photo on the Great War Forum).

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IR 182 at Odessa - 23/04/1918

Above: The Nachrichtenzug (signals platoon) of II. Bataillon / IR 182 posing on the deck of the General on 23rd April 1918, when the ship docked at Odessa before proceeding along the coast and up the Bug to Nikolajew / Mykolaiv. Note the preponderance of Iron Cross 2nd class ribbons, testament to the regiment's long and impressive combat record.

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